Patrick Isley

Military Guns and Computer Engineering Expert.

Patrick Isley
Primary Weapons

4’10" in his combat boots, Patrick Isley is the epitome of the “short person syndrome”, otherwise known as a Napoleon complex. He is supremely confident, and will end a few discussions with a shot or 10. He looks like a prototypical soldier, just a short one.
An expert in guns, he can often be found with a gun in each hand, overcompensating for his short stature.

Picture from GI Joe.

Name: Patrick Isley
Rank Novice
Race: Human
Planet of Origin: Alari III
System of Origin: Alari
Cluster of Origin: Western Marches
HT 4’10" Agility D8
WT 146 lbs Smarts D6
Advances 0 Spirit D4
Wounds 0 Strength D6
Fatigue 0 Vigor D6
Sex M
Birthday 20.2.2197
Money $0

Derived Stats Base Mod Armor Current
Pace 6 6
Parry 2 2
Toughness 5 -1 4 8/4

Weapon Range ROF Damage AP Shots Weight Carried
Blaster Pistol 12/24/48 1 2D6+2 2 100/100 1 Right Boot
Plasma Pistol 12/24/48 1 2D10+2 0 8/8 7 No
Stun Gun 5/10/20 1 0 0 12/12 1 Right Holster
Armor Toughness Notes
Body Armor 4 Torso Arms Legs 4lbs
Skills Attribute Die Bonus
Athletics D4
Battle D6
Common Knowledge D4
Electronics D6
Native Language D8
Notice D6
Persuasion D4
Science D6
Shooting D8
Stealth D4
Taunt D6
Hindrances Type Notes
Humanist Minor Never takes non-human prisoners unless under the direct supervision of a superior. His cold-blooded ruthlessness causes non-human enemies to respond in kind, often costs vital information, creates constant enemies, and may get him in trouble with his superiors or the authorities, depending on the setting.
Vow Major Kill the Bugs (Western Marches)
Edges Notes
Gravitic Acclimation knows how to operate in different gravities. He ignores the typical –2 penalty for operating in a gravity other than his own (see Gravity on page 27 Sci-Fi Companion).
Soldier Treat Minimum Strength as one die type higher for Encumbrance and Min Str. May Retest Vigor rolls when resisting environmental Hazards.
Two-Gun Kid Wielding two ranged weapons, make one extra Shooting roll with second weapon at no Multi-Action penalty.

Name Count Location Description
Body Armor 1 Worn Standard Issue MP Armor
Blaster Pistol 1 Worn Hidden in right boot
Stun Gun 1 Worn Right holster
Handcuffs 1 Worn Left side of belt
Plasma Gun 1 Quarters In Go Bag
Blaster Magazines 2
Plasma Magazines


“I don’t have a Napoleon complex! Napoleon had a me Complex! DON’T CROSS ME!!”
When Patrick was born he was left in front of the hospital he was born in- his parents moved off-world to escape prosecution. It was no wonder given the situation on Alari III, continuous war required strength, and no tiny baby would ever grow up to be strong enough to survive. These type of thoughts only drove Patrick to be stronger and better than all he met up with. Of course he lost a few battles to those that were twice his size, but soon he was at least earning their respect.

All of this changed when Patrick got his first gun. Now the playing field evened! He even decided to approach Robin, she of the perfect breasts and lips of red, like her name…… She even slipped him her number, on that fateful day that the bugs invaded. They killed Robin of course, since she was out with worthless Steve that night….

Now all Patrick wants is revenge on the bugs- but UPO is a long way from the Western Marches.

During the escape from the fall of Alari III Patrick was approached by a member of the high command who was dying, and was given a key to operate the planet’s defense system, which was not activated due to the speed of the surprise attack…. just need to get back….

Patrick Isley

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