Systems Administrator, Electronics Warfare

Geneva “Jenny” Westcott


Birthdate: 21.04.2191 Gender: Female Height: 5’-06" Eyes: Green


Current Assignment: USS Charon – 4 months, Active

Previous Assignment: Thule Station – 6 years 3 months, Transferred

Rank: None – Civilian Contractor through Systech Interstellar Solutions

Duty: Non-Critical Systems Administrator



Geneva (Jenny to her friends) Wescott has always been a mediocre person. She graduated with a middling grade point average and no honors, lived at home for a couple more years, then managed to get a job as an entry level technician with a technology firm, and spent six years meeting her annual goals without ever once exceeding them. The only distinctions on her professional record are that she has never once used her paid leave or received disciplinary action.

After six years on a mining hub in the Scandia Belt, Geneva was transferred to a prison ship as part of a routine staff reorganization. She welcomed the chance to see a different set of corridors after spending so long on the same station, and although a prison ship isn’t exactly her dream job, she has no complaints.

The military intelligence officer who reviewed her before assignment as civilian support staff aboard the USS Charon flagged her file as “suspiciously boring”.

Geneva had just sat down at her station on the bridge and was drinking fresh coffee while reviewing security logs when an alarm went off. Moments later, the ship lurched as it entered the atmosphere and threw her headfirst into the console, and her vision grew dark as the USS Charon hurtled toward the surface of this unknown backwater planet…



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