Space is vast and you are small.

Sometimes you can get lost in its vastness.

This mission is important. The fate of the battle, nay, the war, nay, the entire world, nay the universe, rests on the outcome. Who has the capability to stick it out, to give the good guys the victory they desperately need? This calls for a special team. The group of experienced, highly-skilled, professional, team-oriented experts? Not them. The assorted group of ex-con lowlife inexperienced cloudcuckoolanders or jerkasses who are trying to off their commander when they aren’t going at each other? Yeah, them.

This is Rag Tag Crew.


This is a Savage Worlds game, using the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition (SWADE) and the Science Fiction Companion from Pinnacle. Speaking of, check out our Q&A with Savage Rifts leads Sean Roberson and Simon Lucas! Savage Q&A.



Rag Tag Crew

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